Port Security Training

Beginning Sept 01, 2019, all Port of Palm Beach users will be responsible for enrolling and funding web-based Port Security Training.

The training was previously funded by a Federal Port Security Grant that has since expired and has been denied renewal. 

The web-based Port Security Training must be completed per USCG mandates and training requirements prescribed in 33 CFR Subchapter H, Parts 105.210 and 105.215 as well as ISPS Code, Parts B13.4 and B18.3.

Applicants for a port badge must complete either the 105.210 training (security) or 105.215 for non-security personnel. The training may be done by enrolling at (https://palmbeach.port.training/). Once an applicant completes the required training, recertification is not required thereafter.

All users will be responsible for enrolling and completing this course within a one week period from the date they are granted access on their TWIC badge. Users who fail to complete the course within the time frame, will automatically be restricted access to the port.

The online port security training will cost $35 per user. Once this course is completed, it is the badge holder’s responsibility to notify the port’s ID Office to regain TWIC badge access onto the port. Users will need to present a certificate of completion to the security officer.