Where do cruise passengers park?

For cruise passengers, the Port of Palm Beach offers valet parking service at a cost of $20 per night, per vehicle. Upon arriving at the entrance to the Port, the valet staff will direct you to the vehicle drop-off area, directly across from the Cruise Terminal. With our convenient curbside parking service, guests embarking on the Grand Celebration for a Bahamas cruise will be in the Cruise Terminal within minutes and on their way to a relaxing vacation. The Cruise Terminal's address is 1 East 11th Street, Riviera Beach, FL 33404. For more information, click here.

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1. Where do cruise passengers park?
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6. What are the options for parking overnight?
7. Is the Port parking lot safe to leave my car in overnight?
8. When driving from the South, which exit off I-95 do I take?
9. When driving from the North, which exit off I-95 do I take?
10. Who do I contact if I left something on the ship?