Port Tours/Presentations


The Port of Palm Beach may provide a presentation and tour of the Port for your group, organization, business members or school groups.

Tours are to be reserved based on the availability of the staff with ample advance notice. Presentations are held in the Port’s business office and then, if conditions permit, the group may be taken out on the Port in a vehicle to see the property. However, Port staff may opt for a video presentation of the Port over a physical tour of the property.

Request a Port Tour

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The Port of Palm Beach is a working business and Port. Therefore we must insist on maintaining the highest standards, respect and safety for our business, tenants, staff and visitors.

 Please be advised of the following terms and conditions:

 We will do our best to accommodate your group. However, The Port retains the right to approve or deny any tour requests, or limit the number of tours given. The Port also retains the right to cancel the tour in the event of an emergency or unforeseen circumstances.

Attendees will dress and behave in a manner appropriate to a business environment.

Students on tours and/or participating in the presentation are to be chaperoned and watched at all times. The number of chaperons to students must allow for chaperons to adequately maintain control of the group and/or students under their care.

Port Staff is not responsible for maintaining the decorum of the tour group. If at any time, the group or an individual’s behavior is deemed unacceptable or unsafe, the guide or any Port representative reserves the right to immediately suspend the presentation and/or tour and the group will be asked to leave the property.

The Tour may be altered or shortened at any time should the conditions of the Port or become unsafe.

The Port is not responsible for loss or injury sustained while participating in a port tour or presentation.

If you agree to the terms and conditions, and would like to submit a request for a tour, please fill out this form and a member of the staff will be in contact with you to schedule. Tours are not scheduled unless confirmed directly by a member of Port Staff.

If you require clarification on any of the above terms, please call 561-383-4100.