Peyton W. McArthur  
Port of Palm Beach Board of Commissioners
Title: Secretary/Treasurer
Commissioner McArthur low res 2.jpg

Peyton McArthur is a long-time citizen activist, who first volunteered while in graduate school at the University of Florida. He collected signatures for Governor Ruben Askew's campaign to require Financial Disclosure and Government in the Sunshine Laws that all Floridians now take for granted. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a Master of Arts degree in Public Administration, Mr. McArthur spent eight years in Washington DC as an analyst with the Federal Election Commission and six years in Tallahassee as publisher of the “Florida Monitor,” a non-partisan political newsletter. In 1989, he returned to Palm Beach County to serve as the senior aide to a County Commissioner and the Clerk of Court.

In 1998, McArthur took a leave of absence to accept a unique challenge and the opportunity of a lifetime to work full-time on a Presidential campaign as executive director of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party during the 2000 election and the recounts. In 2002, he led Janet Reno’s Palm Beach County campaign for governor.

After that campaign, it was back to local government as Director of Human Resources, which included governmental affairs and labor relations for the Port of Palm Beach. After six years with the Port of Palm Beach, McArthur returned to county government at the request of County Commissioner Paulette Burdick to serve as her senior aide where he continues to serve. 

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